Holiday Travel

11/14/18 1 pm

As I said before I will update this as I see consensus or a new development. As you will see the models have are not in agreement right now, I would have to lean towards the GFS for now, the Canadian does, and Euro is somewhat in disagreement with itself when it comes to other aspects of its own forecast in that time period. One thing that I have not shown on here is that all models do bring another storm in for the weekend after Thanksgiving. I chose to just show the entire CONUS (Continental US) and for now I am showing current conditions for Wednesday 11/21at 11 am and Thursday 11/22 at 5 am.

GFS Wed 11/21


GFS Thursday Thanksgiving day


EURO Wednesday 11/21


Euro Thanksgiving day


Stay tuned, I am still happy with what I am seeing as we end November and move into December!

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