It’s not here yet

There was nothing really new on the morning model runs. A number of locations start seeing flurries around 11 am.


This is not the storm, this is a result of the position of the jet. It is located just to our south the left exit region is right over us.


Assuming the surface maps are correct the precipitation from the storm is still far away with the actual cold front gaining strength near Las Vegas. The front is starting to lean back to the left which is a called a negative tilt, that is how you tell it is strengthening.


It is interesting that the models this morning didn’t pick up on any jet induced precipitation, I was talking about this a couple of days ago and I hoped the models would show an uptick in the precipitation output, but they didn’t, still haven’t. We’ll see what this afternoon brings, drive safe if your traveling today. I will check on the high-resolution model’s updated run in a couple of hours. If I see something interesting I will let you know.



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