Model Mayhem

We talked about the pattern change, the models all see snow they are just not sure how much and when it is going to start. The GFS was seeing this over a week ago, it has been pretty consistent showing more major series of systems coming in later this week and continuing until around December 5th. Beyond that, it is struggling with what to do. According to the MJO, we will be heading into phase 2, which is colder than phase 1, with roughly the same amount of precipitation. So something is going to have to correct, the MJO forecast or the operational model. In the meantime, things look pretty good. Here are the models just through Saturday morning. The Euro and Canadian are slower to get started, that is why the totals are lower (for now).







I am pretty sure I know everyone’s favorite. Don’t take these to the bank yet. If the GFS is correct Thursday morning we will be seeing snow. Wash your cars on Wednesday that should do it.



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