What we know and what we don’t know.

Friday still looks like the heaviest day of snow, likely getting heavy late Thursday through around noon Friday.

Thursday should be a transitional day, higher altitudes may see snow on the increase throughout the day. After seeing the overnight set of models, I do not yet have a high confidence level on how Thursday is going to play out.

This afternoon we could see some light snow develop generally at pass level, but it may drop down slightly below that. Little to no accumulations.

Saturday night and Sunday create a whole new set of issues, the GFS has been most consistent on the storm, but not the storm track. There are scenarios where the southern half of the County gets more snow of Sunday than the Northern half.

The Euro has had no consistency on anything except snow Friday morning.

Accumulations are all over the board in the last 24 hours for lower elevations, more consistent for mid and higher elevations (if you are new to the page “mid-elevations” are locations at elevations between 7,200′-8,200′).

I will update later. It will be most interesting to see if the Euro gets its act together.


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