Here it is

10:30 am

WPC updated their map, keep in mind this is already 2 1/2 hours old

Screenshot 2018-12-02 at 10.27.32 AM.png

As I suspected the front was closer to the border. Looking at near live satellite, I have interpreted the front to be a little closer at this point. Roughly where the blue line is below. What happens now? Great question. It looks like the front to the east is stationary in its entirety. It may absorb this one to our west. Speaking of the one to the west it will be interesting to see where that shortwave ends up (the dotted line extending from the northern portion of the western trough). The HiRes model will update around 1:30. I will update after I see that, or when/if the NWS says (1).png


2 thoughts on “Here it is

  1. lisamoonself

    Yes, still ready your posts between shoveling snow. Approximately 4” so far up junction creek area and still snowing. Thank you Lisa

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