The trend is not our friend

9 am

The GFS runs 4 times a day, the Euro and CMC twice. So here is what you have missed on the GFS.

GFS Monday afternoon


GFS Monday evening


GFS overnight


I have noticed that the GFS is showing liquid precip at lower elevations, despite the thickness levels reflecting a snow level of 6,500′. The models have struggled with the inverted air we have had in Montezuma and La Plata Counties. The models have been missing the overnight lows by 8-12 degrees. If we can keep the ice box in place it could have a big effect on the storm. We will know that the cold air has scoured out if we suddenly see lows downtown rise into the mid to upper teens instead of the single digits.

Yesterday the cold inversion clashed with some warmer air coming off the higher elevations and triggered flurries and light snow throughout the area.

On to the Euro and CMC

Tuesday evening Euro


Tuesday evening CMC


Next Update Tuesday afternoon.


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