How rare is low December snowfall?


People remember snowy times, but they seem to forget the years when it isn’t as snowy. Last time I was on the radio I was asked about this. Most people who are 50 or older love to talk about how much snowier it was when they were young (walking to school uphill both ways with only wonder bread bags as boots blah blah blah). Is it true? Not so much.

I looked at 110 years of data from the Western Regional Climate Center. Durango did a good job at reporting until the 2010-2011 season, I am not sure what happened after that but they really dropped the ball. So between 1900-1901 winter season through the 2009-2010 winter season (110 years), there were 31 years with snowfall of 6 inches or less in the month of December. 9 of the 31 years were an inch or less. The low snow Decembers spaced out pretty evenly, in fact between 1900-1937 there were 12 years of 6 inches or less. 6 of those years were an inch or less.

This doesn’t make it better right now, but things can change and I still have my sights on something developing between 12/23-12/28 based on past and future modeling.

Keep your chins up people it is early yet!


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  1. KT Howard

    Just FYI: in Trapper’s Crossing
    2012 – 32″
    2013 – 9.6″
    2014 – 6.6″
    2015 – 38.6″
    2016 – 16.6″
    2017 – 2″
    2018 – YTD 9.2″
    Varies SO much year to year

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