Cold storm, Hallmark snow event

3 pm

The light snow we saw on and today was actually related to the old storm strengthening and moving northeast into the plains. I did not see it until about 10 am but there was a little shortwave surprise and colder in moving in, which will continue.

By the models, we will be very borderline for an actual Warning event in town, but I expect some surprises especially in higher elevations along 160. I have to go conservative and do a countywide 3-8″ Purg included. For whatever reason, the NWS has increased amounts in the point forecasts as of 2:17 pm.  As I have mentioned over and over I think it is going to be difficult for the north county to live up to the higher amounts being forecasted. The bust factor is it going further south, but it does look like this storm wants to wind northeast and bring the heavier snow in the morning. The temps should drop as the day goes on so if you thought it was cold today this is just the start. Interestingly enough the further south it goes, the lower temps for us and the higher ratios we will see. Colder air can always trigger things so we will what happens as this moves away. I am still not thrilled with storm 3 but that may change.

I may update after NWS does this afternoon.

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