Not over

7 am

I have been talking about these types of storms all season. While we were waiting for the first system this week, I was talking about this second system favoring the south. Yesterday, I mentioned I was concerned with what I was reading about Purgatory on other sites. Last night anyone who read my posts knows that I was surprised at the NWS point forecasts. Then of all things, they INCREASED them. I maintained that countywide we should see 3-8″ with the potential of a southern surprise, I have not changed my mind.


Some areas may very well exceed the 8″ total.  Latest HiRes model run has really picked up on the storm lifting out in a very favorable path. Below is the liquid equivalent precip expected to fall throughout the day. Multiply the amount by 17 to get snow totals (although it may be higher).


The .5 is the approximately at the airport.  The areas that are going to do the best should be along 160 with heavier amounts slightly south.  We are used to measuring the success of a storm when we wake up. The success of this storm should be measured at the end of the day.  The bust potential would be west-southwest of town. GFS is out in a couple of hours I will be back then.

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