New Euro

11:15 am

As I mentioned earlier you expect to see totals drop in model runs during a storm to account for previously fallen snow. Most areas have had 2-4 inches already so it is not that surprising to see the Euro adjust slightly. The heavier snow will likely start between now and 5 pm.  The heaviest snow will fall overnight and Tuesday morning.

Here is the new Euro


Here is the old Euro


Still great consistency in my opinion.

Here is what the new Euro looks like for snow at a 15-1 snow to liquid ratio


National Weather Service shows snow to liquid ratios of 17 to 1 at 6,500 feet today through 5 am tomorrow and 18 to 1 during the day tomorrow. The higher you go in elevation generally the higher the ratio, but at a certain point that tops out.  With the thickness of this airmass, ratios should top out at about 19 to 1.


Next update will be with the afternoon model runs of the NAM and WRF, it should be before 2 pm.


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