Let’s try that again

4 pm

I apologize I am not sure what happened with that last post. In a nutshell, the last wave of energy passed through leaving us with a cold front and most of the precipitation setting up from Pagosa east. There have been hints of the system retrograding and bring in snow overnight. Additionally, the models have honed in on a system that had been pegged to go to our south, trending north Sunday. Today’s runs have not been as conclusive with that. We will see. The big action still should be next week. Numerous storms are set to come onshore, how they decide to scatter as they leave California will be the big question going into next week.  It is the difference between one guy playing darts versus 15 people playing darts. We will have more darts thrown at the dart board and our chances will increase having a lot of good scores or maybe a bullseye. Your apps will be bouncing back and forth, don’t worry too much about it until the first of the week.  I will be here highlighting everything.

To recap, a couple of chances of snow this weekend, don’t get too emotionally involved, it will do what it is going to do, anything we get will be a bonus. My higher hopes are for next week when the storm train should open back up.

Don’t put too much stock in it but the Euro is very encouraging looking 10 days out.




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