Sometimes it just snows…

7:45 am

If you have been following me for a while you have heard me say this before. Not every snow event is a storm, not every rain event is the monsoon. As a student of the weather, I think it is important to realize that sometimes, stuff just happens.

We are currently under a nearly stationary band of moderate snow and the NWS is trying to figure out why and what they should do about it. This became immediately apparent in reading the area forecast discussion from 4:30 this morning.  I say it’s a bonus and is likely something that was left behind for us from the storm that missed us to the east yesterday. Interestingly enough, most of the models showed this as a little blob right over the county that would hang out most of the day.

Here is a near live look at it on the GeoColor multispectral infrared satellite.


The morning models so far are really highlighting the 501 corridor for several inches. However, they didn’t initialize well, which simply means they just came out and they are already wrong, and it is still snowing which leads me to believe all of the morning model runs will be wrong because of the way this thing developed. The Euro was the first model to show this not-a-storm two days ago, so hopefully, it will have a better handle on it.

I will do another update in a couple of hours on the small storm that may or may not make it up to our area tomorrow.


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