The Sunday storm and the coming snowy week.

The question is which will provide more snow, today’s “not-a-storm” or tomorrow’s storm.

The biggest surprise was the snow ratio achieved in Forest Lakes and could be the reason everyone received so much more snow than we expected.  Overnight the snow ratio there was 20-1 based on the report of a NWS trained spotter. I don’t expect that with tomorrow’s storm. This is going to be a close one for sure. The amount of snow everyone receives will be dependent on how far north the system tracks.

There is a lot of uncertainty with this system tomorrow, I am even hesitant to make a prediction one way or another on it hitting us let alone speculate on totals. The short term models are not enthusiastic about it., but they have not done well lately.  The Euro has it dialed in but with small amounts with the majority of people getting 2-5″. I will be up early enough to do an update and hopefully have a better handle on it.

This week is starting to look better and better. At the moment the models have the first system moving into the area overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. The next overnight Wednesday into Thursday and you guessed it, then Thursday night into Friday. It is best to take these storms one at a time, so after tomorrow I will focus on the first one.

The Euro is pretty jazzed about the next 7 days for us. It has been consistent with similar and at times heavier amounts for the last 4 model runs. Here is the latest for the next 7 days (this does not include what fell today).


Tomorrow I will be up early enough to give you a better handle on what to expect tomorrow. The models are starting to slow down the arrival of this system tomorrow, so I expect most of the snow will fall during the daylight hours.

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