When is it going to stop?

7:30 am

Great question. For most areas the short term models indicate by noon things should stop and a few areas will see some heavy waves come through before it ends. They are moving from west to east and southwest to northeast. We have had a couple of heavy waves here that brought another 3 inches in a little over 2 hours, bringing the total for Dwest to 11 inches.

The models are hugging the western 1/3 of La Plata County, and eastern 1/4 of Montezuma County for scattered snow most of the day. I mentioned before in some areas it will be difficult to tell the end of this storm with the beginning on the next, that will be the case in higher elevations above 8,500′.

There is a feature in Utah right now and I don’t know what will happen with it. Based on the forecast, the NWS feels it is going to eject to the northwest rather than make it all of the way over here. Something to watch. I don’ think we need leftovers with this one.

Here is the latest surface map, I circled the shortwave (feature) in blue.


Later today I will talk about the next two storms. The first will arrive in approximately 36 hours and looks very similar to this.


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5 thoughts on “When is it going to stop?

    1. It is called a shortwave trough. If it were to stay south and approach us from the southwest it would likely bring more snow later today. If it moves north it won’t affect us at all. They are very unpredictable at times

  1. Hi Jeff- My friends & I made it! We hiked down to Phantom Ranch Monday & came back up yesterday in snow Epic adventure Anyway we are staying a extra night at the rim and plan on leaving 1st thing in the morning to head back to Dgo- can you see a good window? Thanks Simone

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  2. Sherry

    Hi Jeff,
    I have a CoCoRaHS station set up here in Trappers, Station #CO-LP-105, name: Hesperus 5.0 SE. My gauge actually overfilled overnight with >0.905 inches recorded. With the high moisture content, would the ratio be lower for actual measured snowfall in inches? I’m thinking it was probably closer to 10:1 than 16:1. So I’m estimating about 10-12 inches fell. Your thoughts?

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