It’s snowing, a lot!

9 pm

I mentioned that I would post again if I saw something exciting. The first thing I saw was the snow at low elevations. Strong storms are sometimes convective and they naturally lower snow levels. This has been the case so far. My low elevation totals will probably be too low, happy problem.

Overall I see no reason to change mid elevations forecasts, it’s snowing, a lot!

The second exciting thing I saw tonight was when it was announced that I won volunteer of the year award at Durango Rocks tonight!

I enjoyed meeting many of you attending tonight. I am so deeply grateful to all of you who were responsible for nominating me. And all of my chamber member followers who chose me. It is such a blessing to live here and have the chance to contribute to the community. I will always be here, thanks for following and supporting me!



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9 thoughts on “It’s snowing, a lot!

  1. Joanne Graves

    Congratulations!! Still snowing in Forest Lakes. I shoveled the first layer, it was a bit crusty on the front deck. Wait to see if we end up with fluffy or wet snow in the morning.

  2. jv

    Weatherguy you are great and your attention to detail is amazing. I have lived in Durango for 65 years and your weather reports are one of the best things ever. I learn a lot from you and you are truly appreciated!

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