Euro update and cold hype

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I warned everybody about the polar vortex talk 10 days ago on the 19th. The next two days the real cold will hit the upper midwest and you can’t listen to the radio watch TV or peruse social media without being bombarded with the topic. The biggest misleading statement I see out there is that it will be colder than Antarctica. #1 It is summer in Antarctica. #2 While there are some areas of Antarctica that will be warmer than Minnesota or Iowa, most of the continent will be colder. See below the noon temps in the upper midwest.


The coldest temp listed is -29.5.

Here are the projected temps for Antarctica


Last I checked -48.5 is colder than -29.5!

So the new Euro looks great! I shared the previous runs in my earlier post, check it out if you haven’t seen it.    Sorting out the details 

Here is the new Euro 2 storm total, this run was a little cooler.


Stay tuned!

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