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1:30 pm

So the models have come together that something is coming, however, they are still undecided on snow levels and snow amounts.

For the moment the best guess on timing is very late Saturday night or Sunday after midnight for storm one, then later during the day or evening on Monday for the Birthday storm.

The first storm still looks to arrive warm, but it’s too early to speculate on who will get rain or a rain/snow mix and for how long. I will be covering that on Friday and Saturday.

Here are the latest model runs, the last two of each of the GFS the Euro and the CMC showing the two storm total.

Starting with the GFS from last night.


Here is the latest GFS


Here is last nights Euro


Here is the most recent Euro


And here is the “crazy” Canadian from last night


Saving the best for last here is the “crazier” most recent run from the Canadian.


No, I don’t believe it. The Canadian is a low-resolution model and it is a cold biased model that oversamples elevation, that being said, I always appreciate its intent, if it were showing amounts lower than the Euro I would be a little concerned.

Next update Thursday



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