Sometimes it just snows

7 am

Conditions will be favorable for snow mainly above 8,000 feet today. The actual snow level will rise to from 7,000-7,800 feet during the day and this evening. Don’t worry, these higher snow levels won’t be around very much longer. The cold air is going to be ushered in with a cold potent storm coming in from the Pacific Northwest. How cold?

The blue is snow, name this state.


If you said Oregon, you are correct, let’s zoom out to put it in perspective.



The actual storm and cold front will show up here very late Tuesday and early Wednesday but between now then it could snow anytime, especially at higher elevations. Why? Because sometimes it just snows.

Today areas above 7,800 or 8,200 feet could start seeing some snow after 11 am. It is not out of the question that it can fall below that it will just be favored at or above that approximate elevation. Light rain and mist or rain/snow mix conditions will be more common below 7,400 feet this afternoon. In other words plan for everything.

I expect this next event to deliver roughly 3-5″ of snow to all of the lower elevations by Thursday. Certainly more to other areas but I need another day of model runs to determine how much.

If you do see some snow or rain today let me know your location and approximate elevation.

I almost forgot I was asked if I would get my birthday snow today. I may get a little, but I am willing to wait until Wednesday if not.


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