Sunday Through Tuesday…

Saturday noon

I accidentally hit publish instead of “save” if you received the partial update I apologize, this is the finished version.

Although there is still uncertainty between the surface map providers as to where the system that was supposed to come through this morning actually is, it will either turn out to be a non-event as it has already passed or a light event later today if it is still to our west. WU/WSI shows it still to our west.

Current WSI analysis (noon) Capture

WPC/NOAA thinks it has already past (8 am)


Who is right? Good question, if you have been following me for any length of time you have heard me complain about this numerous times so I will skip the rant. The point is, we may or may not be done for the day.

Sunday, likely in the late afternoon, the next system will begin to move into the area, cold air will be in place, a reinforcing second wave will come in overnight Monday/early Tuesday morning, things should wrap up by Tuesday evening and totals could be very impressive with the cold air leading to 15+ to 1 ratios (1 inch of liquid=15+ inches of snow). Here is the Euro’s call on the snow using a 15-1 ratio, these totals are ending Tuesday evening.

euro12z for wednesday

The GFS is just slightly less, I do not have the ability to display 15-1 in the GFS so I left it off.

There is a chance a major storm could develop Thursday through Saturday, too early to tell exactly what is going to happen there but I wanted you to be aware of it.

Next update Sunday. Stay tuned it could be a doozy of a week (again).


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