A Brief Break Wednesday Before The Next Bunch!

7:30 am

As has been the case a few times this season Purgatory did not do as well as many areas to the south. This can be related to wind direction and the strength of the forcing, at times it just can’t get that far north. It is tricky, it tells me there was more of a west-southwesterly flow west of 550, this really favors the western mid elevations. As the waves moved east of 550 there was more of south-southwesterly flow.  Here we had          2 3/4″ overnight bringing the storm total to 21 inches. It is still snowing lightly at the moment, I expect snow to continue throughout the day, I am not seeing any intense bands like yesterday, but let me know if that happens and where you are at.

I will talk more about the Thursday-Friday storm later today and I will hopefully firm things up Wednesday afternoon as best as I can. As soon the current Warnings expire NWS will issue new Watches for the area (either this afternoon or overnight).

The good news is early indications show 18-1 ratios for Thursday and a little lower (15 or 16-1) for Friday. Looking at the entire forecast area and using the Euro model which is showing the lowest totals for the next storm, it appears another 1-3 feet is on the way between very early Thursday-Saturday.  If the GFS is right it will be more than that.


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5 thoughts on “A Brief Break Wednesday Before The Next Bunch!

  1. Char

    Lightner Creek got at least 30 inches so far in the past few days and it’s still snowing but it’s the light and fluffy stuff.

  2. phutchins2018

    So I left for Europe before this started (Wednesday 13). And don’t return until 28th. How much has fallen in town? How much more before it stops? Do I need to consider calling a snow removal service for the roof!?

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