The Lull Narrows

My biggest take away after seeing the snow that some areas are getting and seeing the models is that the time period between the two storms narrows, it now looks like snow could return Wednesday early evening.

Let’s just jump right in here are all of the morning models, as normal I am going to leave off the Canadian.

Once again we are looking at liquid equivalent totals and most of the snow should fall at ratios between 17-1 and 19-1 so pick your multiplier of choice if you are close to or above 8,000 feet I would use the higher number.

Here is the NAM model. the NAM is a short term model so these amounts are only through Friday at 5 pm


Here is the GFS


Here is the Euro


If these models are right certain mid-elevation areas could get another 30 inches or more of snow by Saturday morning.

Things can change dramatically in a couple of days, but the models have been eerily consistent plan accordingly!




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