Just Getting Started

As of 7 am I measured 10.5 inches. I have not seen enough in the models to change my mind one way or another for storm totals. Once I get some feedback from all of you on what you got overnight I will have a better idea.

Two things I did notice, there will be a few lulls or periods of light snow this afternoon into this evening and they will be more pronounced in the extreme southern, as well as the southeastern parts of the county. The other thing I noticed is the storm is going to take its time getting out of here on Friday, which tells me a few people could go into a bonus round and add to their totals. These situations are nearly impossible to time and predict, but they have happened frequently this season.

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  1. Larry Ruiz

    This message was originally HTML formatted. View in a HTML capable client to see the original version.\r\n\r\n About 7.5 inches NE Durango near Bread/Star liquors area.

  2. Jack Lambert

    Hi, I live in Durango Hills, about half way up ant 8,020 ft. We’ve had about 12” overnight.

    Thanks for your service, I am a relatively new reader.

    Jack Lambert

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