Model Discrepancies Continue

Snow Totals

The most common question I have been asked lately is “where do I find the snow totals for (fill in the blank)?” The answer is there is no great source of that information in our area. There is a nationwide volunteer network of observers named Cocorahs, and there are members in our area, many who follow this site. I have nothing against the organization at all, however, people have busy schedules and here and there they will miss a measurement or two, it is voluntary, or they will make a mistake or typo. Also, people get bored with measuring when we have a big winters.  One look at the seasonal totals reported to the site clearly shows you that this has happened. Here are the totals that have been reported. “Miss” refers to how many days had no report from that particular observer during the time period.


Here is a link to the website  Don’t ask me how to use it, you just have to play with it for a while to figure it out. I forget how to use it each time I go to the site but eventually figure it out.

Weekend Storm

The models are still out of synch on the weekend storm. In fact, the Euro’s morning run is suspicious as well because it is inconsistent with previous runs. All that we know is that it is highly likely a precipitation event will occur beginning Saturday and ending on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday and that some of the lower elevations will get rain and some mid-elevation areas may get a mix. However, most models are showing decent snow to refresh the ski areas!

No pretty pictures today until they get more in line with themselves and others.



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