Another Multi-Day Storm Coming Up!


The Ski areas exceeded my expectations with early measurements of 20 at Purgatory, 24 at Telluride and 30 at Wolf Creek. Things will gradually clear this afternoon although showers may linger on Wolf Creek until 10 pm or later.

Tomorrow should start off OK but there are discrepancies between the GFS model and the Euro model as to when it is going to get started. The Euro is early bringing it in Tuesday evening, the GFS waits until Wednesday mid-morning, the Canadian agrees with the GFS model for a later start. I am scratching my head a bit, 24 hours should clear up the discrepancies.

The final totals among the models are similar, however, each model gets to the totals in a different fashion. Here is an early look at total liquid precipitation and total snow from the Euro ending late Saturday.





Go snowpack go!

Looking ahead, there are signs that the storm train could keep rolling in all next week. I feel confident that low elevations are not done with snow, even though this next cycle through Saturday looks wet again.

Tomorrow the models should come together so I can provide more details.


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