What A Day!

8 am

Yesterday was crazy. Between the radar in Grand Junction going down, the CDOT site crashing then coming back and not updating, Facebook crashing, problems with Google and the big storm somehow catching people off-guard? How could that even happen?

The storm was strong but I think I will have to fact check all the reports of “historical”, I am pretty sure there have been lower pressures recorded in Colorado. I seem to remember one 10 or 11 years ago and I think I saved the surface map. The lowest pressure I saw with this one was 968 mb.

People have asked me about the term Bomb Cyclone, this is right up there with Polar Vortex and new math… This term was coined by someone a couple of years ago who obviously wanted to spin what is actually happening into a popular phrase that people will pick up on. The real term is Cyclogenesis which is simply the development of a low-pressure system. When a low-pressure system rapidly intensifies in a short period of time, the point at which it nears its lowest anticipated pressure the storm is said to be “bombing out” meteorologists have used that term for many, many years. Then a few years ago somebody came up with the frame “Bombogenesis”. Apparently, that was not catchy enough so a couple of years ago someone came up with “Bomb Cyclone”, it was around the time that the “Pineapple Express” changed into an “Atmospheric River” or “AR” and the “Weather” Channel started naming winter storms. I am pretty sure you can guess my opinion on all of those things.

So the real questions are when does Wolf Creek hit 500 inches? And will Purgatory and Telluride hit 400 inches? And will Durango and Bayfield in town get more accumulating snow this season? I would say that Wolf Creek will hit cruise past 500 within 2 weeks. As far as the other questions go, I have a high degree of confidence they all will happen.

The next best chance for a decent storm is about a week from today, then a short break and the storm train opens back up through the end of the month. Make sure to catch my post tomorrow, I am going to talk about snowpack, the rivers, and the reservoirs.


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