The Sub-Tropical Tap Returns

6 am

You have a couple of days to enjoy the sun before wet conditions return. The models are still trying to figure out the pre-storm for Tuesday and or Wednesday. It does appear the main action will come in late Wednesday or early Thursday morning. The timing looks good for travelers, with things wrapping up late on Friday in most areas. At the moment things look clear on Saturday (at least for most of the day) as we will be in between storms.

Here is the latest GFS for liquid precip it seems a little wonky to me, I see no reason for SW La Plata and SE Montezuma Counties and Farmington to get more precipitation than Wolf Creek Pass.


Here is the Euro which is usually better but as you can see by the totals out east it is trying to sniff out a bigger storm with a path similar to last week’s storm.


For now, I like the consistency in the precipitation totals, but I am not confident with the storm path, which will affect snow levels and temperatures.

Hopefully, things will converge into a better solution in the next couple of days.

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Next update on Monday

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