Snow Today

Snow will likely continue on and off throughout the day mostly above 7,200 feet. The 6 am model of HiRes WRF model below indicated the heaviest snow will fall in the western areas of La Plata County I highlighted the other day.


You can see the bullseye over the La Platas, with amounts tapering down into Mayday DRR, Dwests and Hesperus, it also shows double digits around Wolf Creek.

A quick look outside (step 1) shows that snow has picked up quite a bit here, I don’t expect it to continue at this rate, but you just never know what is going to happen after it starts.


I am going to be out of’s HQ today if someone in the hood could keep an eye on totals for me that would be great!



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3 thoughts on “Snow Today

  1. Steve Smith

    Snow started at 9:30 on CR215, south of town at 6300 feet. It began snowing hard at 10:15, with snow sticking to the ground. Temp here is about 34F.


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