70 Degrees Then Snow

10:30 am

5 days ago I talked about a pattern change coming and change it surely will. A vigorous storm will pass to our north on Wednesday and the bottom of the storm will blow through dropping the temps and bring rain and snow across the area. It will crush the upper midwest,  Nebraska and South Dakota with 12-18 inches of snow with perhaps 2 feet in spots of SW Minnesota.  There is still some uncertainty of the exact path which could have a big impact on our weather.  Hopefully, the next 24 hours will help rein in the models and give me a clearer picture of what Wednesday will hold for us.

Here is what the latest Euro shows for snow Wednesday through Thursday morning.

Friday and/or Saturday another storm, maybe packing a little more punch, will come up from the south and bring another chance of snow and rain. It could linger at the higher elevations until another storm comes in early next week. The upcoming pattern will be an active one, I was getting a little sick of the warm and dry conditions. Next update will be Tuesday morning.

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