Rainy Tuesday

Short Term

Finally, a few showers are going to come in late tonight or early tomorrow. Snow levels will be around 10,000. There is still a bit of uncertainty who will get the most. It appears some areas will get up to .40″ of liquid. Around 8 am tomorrow I will take another look and see what the short term models are thinking.

Long Term

In the past, we have talked about the effect that The MJO has on our weather.  You can learn more by following that link, but the important thing to note is that as you can see below we have been in a “Lull Phase” on the MJO since roughly March 13th.


Screenshot 2019-04-22 at 12.50.02 PM

Every plot that falls within that small inner circle is in a non-numbered phase of the MJO. Above is the MJO forecast and we are emerging into a semi-deep Phase 2 and are forecasted to go all of the way around to Phase 6 and most likely Phase 7.

I am following this closely because it could lead to a more productive storm pattern. The MJO has less of an effect the closer we get to summer but it is still something to keep an eye on.



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