A Week Or So Of Unsettled Weather

1 pm

Nothing much has changed, the new model runs are showing an extended period (through the weekend at least) of unsettled weather. That means rain with snow levels at times flirting with 8,000 feet but quickly rising to between 9,000 then 10,000 feet + during the day. All said and done it looks like a tremendous precipitation event. The GFS has been very crazy with amounts lately (the last few days). Here was this morning’s run for the next 7 days.


If this was the only run like this, I wouldn’t bother sharing it, however, it has been like this since the weekend.

As far as snow goes the total accumulations would only be valid above 11,000 feet. But check these out.


This is impressive!

The Euro has also been consistent, however, it has been consistently lower with the amounts.

Here was the Euro this morning for liquid over the next week.


Here is the snow


Interesting to note that the NAM model has as much and more than the Euro- and that is only through Friday afternoon! So the American models are much more aggressive. I have not been posting a lot over the last month, but the usually accurate Euro has been struggling more than usual. It will be interesting to see how this whole thing works out, but we definitely have much above average rainfall coming even according to the Euro.

Here is an interesting graphic showing 350%-750% of average precipitation for the of the tri-county area, and Northern New Mexico which needs it more than us. As I said this is based on the Euro’s lower totals.

ecmwf_qpf_120p_colorado_28 (1).png

I will be posting at least every day and more if severe weather dictates it, so stay tuned!


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