A Quick Update

7 am

As I have mentioned a zillion times the models tend to bring in stormy weather too quickly. This is the case once again. Here is the current surface map.


If you remember the surface map from a couple of days ago this should look familiar, you can see the stationary front is still in place but slowly retrograding west and south.

For reference here is what it looked like two days ago when I mention the dry line and the severe weather outbreak, I also talked about how the stalled front would retrograde to the west which it is doing.

May 6th surface


Comparing the two you can also see the low-pressure systems to the west have barely moved.

Here is the current colored water vapor imagery you see that we are straddled on a dry island with moisture (green) to our west and to our east.


Remember this is not going to be a one and done event, we are evolving into a wet pattern, there will be breaks in the precipitation but overall more rain and snow than sun and warmth for at least 7-10 days, maybe more…In fact, some of the models are showing some snow below 8,000 feet late next week.


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