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I had to think about what to title this post, I and not sure how the NWS is going to sort this out. We have either two more systems coming through between this evening and Thursday night or one system with a reinforcing kicker late Wednesday night. So, do I cover both systems at once or just at a time? If I chose one at a time I would be titling this post “Number Two” but that has a number of different connotations, I think the NWS will probably have to issue a Winter Weather Advisory this afternoon for the same areas they issued the Warning for, I also think they will issue it through Thursday evening or Friday morning early, because in those affected areas there may be snow falling throughout the entire time period. We will see in a couple of hours. If you take each event separately, it may not add up to advisory level criteria, but by Thursday there may already be holiday travelers on the road, which always plays into their decision. An advisory would typically call for 6-12″ above 8,500 feet. Therefore I am covering roughly the 48 hour period between Midnight tonight and Midnight Friday morning.

Here is what the Euro has for snow, notice it does have a little bit of lower elevation snow for us again, but it will melt fairly quickly below 9,000 feet.


Here is the liquid equivalent


For now, it looks like the worst times to travel–especially in the higher elevations–are between Midnight and Noon on Wednesday, then again from 6 am to 6 pm on Thursday.



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