Snowpack Update, Summer Soon


Low elevations are finally going get some “summery” conditions, coincidentally enough, on the first day of Meteorological Summer (June 1st).  Saturday & Sunday the lower elevations will soar into the mid to upper 70’s with mid 80’s just to the south in New Mexico!

The snowpack will keep the higher elevations moderated a bit. Speaking of the snowpack, I believe that it will finally start dropping after it increased dramatically in the last couple of weeks.



This was Wednesday night, check out Vallecito now at 125% of seasonal peak and Columbus Basin (La Platas) 158% of the seasonal peak! Absolutely incredible!

With the warmer weather will come faster melting so keep that in mind this weekend.

Another huge benefit of the warmer weather will be a decrease in the severe storms in the midwest. What most people don’t realize is that it is that the cold weather here in the west is responsible for the increase in tornadic weather in the midwest. It happens like clockwork in the shoulder seasons, when the last few cold air masses of the season in the late spring or first few cold air masses of the late fall get entrained in the west, and they mix with the heat and humidity coming out of the Gulf of Mexico its a perfect recipe for severe weather.  If you look at last year when we did not have widespread cold here, there were a record LOW number of tornadoes in May. People are always surprised to hear that there are 2 tornado seasons a year, but November is also a month for tornadoes.

I don’t see any real meaningful weather makers coming up until maybe Wednesday. At the moment June temperatures look like they should overall be slightly below normal with well below normal temperatures above 9,000 feet. Speaking of below normal Purg is in the low 40’s as I type this with graupel and rain mix. The snow level appears to be about 10,000 feet.  I am ready for Summer!


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