Better Explanation of Animas Impact Potential

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As I mentioned there is a chance for some rain over the next couple of days. We can talk all about “cfs” and “bank full” and flood potential but I did some digging and found out what it all means, the what that affects whom. The actual gage is just near the Powerhouse. This graph has flood stage on the left and cfs on the right. An explanation is below the graph that gives you very good examples of who would be affected and at what stage.

Example “6 Lowland flooding is likely in the vicinity of Timble and Hermosa.”



Water reaches the bottom of the East 32nd Street Bridge. Devastating flooding is occurring through Durango with many buildings near the highway 160 bridge and between the Animas River and Hwy 550 south of 15th street flooded.
Floodwaters are approaching the bases of several bridges in Durango including the West 9th Street Bridge the US 550 bridge and the Animas River Trail pedestrian bridges. Debris dams and backwater flooding is possible making these bridges unsafe.
Large portions of the Animas River Trail and adjacent buildings and parking lots along the Animas River between the Hwy 160 bridge and the Hwy 550 bridge are flooded.
Portions of the Animas River Trail are flooded with adjacent businesses and residences threatened. Major flooding is occurring north of Durango in Trimble and Hermosa. Major Flooding is occurring at the Durango Trout Hatchery.
The area surrounding the Durango Fish Hatchery is flooding. Water is nearing the base of the Rio Grande Western Railroad Bridge adjacent to 15th Street.
Major flooding is occurring in the Val-Air Glider field and hangars.
The Dalton Ranch Golf Club is beginning to flood. Some dikes topped north of Durango.
Significant overbank flow is occurring in Durango.
Flooding of the Durango and Silverton narrow gauge railroad between Tacoma and Needleton is occurring.
Minor flooding of agricultural lands and residential structures north of Durango is occurring. Water is nearing sections of the Rio Grande Western Railroad north of Durango.
Agricultural lands north of Durango are experiencing minor flooding. Portions of the Val-Air Gliderport field are flooded.
Lowland flooding is likely in the vicinity of Timble and Hermosa.
White water rafting on the Animas River above Durango becomes hazardous.

I am closely watching the models for the rain forecast, stay tuned.

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