Freeze Watch Tonight

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Wow, another boring patch of weather (for us anyway) since my last post. That is going to continue, it does not in any way give us a picture of what the winter will bring, speaking of winter, I can’t let that historic winter storm last weekend in the northwest go by without mentioning it. If you haven’t seen the totals in Montana. Check this out:


Listed above are the cities and in parentheses are the counties they are located in. Cut Bank Montana got down to 1 degree Tuesday morning, ONE… The town of Browning, with their 48 inch total is now just 10 inches shy of their average winter snowfall of 58 inches!

We won’t see single digits here for quite some time, but I do like that the NWS issued a freeze watch for tonight for areas that have not yet had a freeze this season. There are some models that have been missing the mark on low temps for a while, so if you compare the temps on the point forecast to the model guidance you can see they overrode the models for the forecast.

There is a small chance of some showers developing late Thursday into Friday, but at the moment, to me, it looks like most of the precip won’t hit the ground if it does I would expect very low accumulation. If this changes in the models I will post again before then.

This should be a good weekend for viewing the colors in the high country enjoy that!

Remember if you don’t see me posting very often, it usually means there is very little to talk about in the world of weather here locally, don’t worry winter will be here soon enough and I will post with alacrity!


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