Don’t Worry The Euro Has This

I have been very busy today, but I have been able to hear everyone wondering if the storm missed us etc. The Euro from this morning was the only model to nail the low snow amounts that have plagued us so far. The bigger phase two of the storm with its two areas of low pressure absorbed Raymond into its flow, and that bigger piece will come through tonight and tomorrow morning.

Here is what the Euro had for snow from 5 am to noon.


More is on the way, I believe I said 8-14 for Purg, it should be in that range. I never said 12-24 with up to 30 that was the NWS I don’t see any chance of that, but I have been wrong and I really hope I am. Tomorrow morning really looks dicey but probably short-lived.

I have to run, If I can I will try to put something out later today.

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