Left Overs Left A Mess

Good to see the leftovers spin up and do their thing last night, be careful in your commute, especially in the lower elevations that fell below freezing for the first time in a couple of days. I have not driven anywhere yet but everyone who reads this knows where the problem spots are for black ice on your commute, there is a good chance of that happening this morning.

Since I am posting I can tell you that the models are trending away from anything significant for the Monday night storm for most places, the exception would be Telluride/Silverton/Red Mountain/Ouray.  After that overnight Tuesday into Wednesday looks like the start of a very active period, more tropical air coming up from Arizona to get things started which will mean more low elevation rain and high elevation snow before a colder phase moves in and enhances the high elevation snow and turns the rain in the lower elevations over to snow. This far out I am reluctant to post any precip map but there is already widespread agreement among the models of 2-4 inches of liquid for the event.

Because this will be happening over a big travel holiday I will be watching very closely and will post Saturday (tomorrow) and Sunday. Even if it is mostly rain in lower elevations the liquid is going a long way to increase the soil moisture, this is not only beneficial to the drought but it also helps prime us for Winter Storms ( remember I have talked about the feedback issues that happen with wet and dry soil). The other benefit is when large impact events like this happen they are more likely to use the remote seeders. This is a whole other topic, but it is during high precipitation events ironically enough that they use the seeders and they have found them to enhance the overall precipitation in some cases by 10-20%.

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