Map Update

If you are following the maps they update and look like this.


and this


The stationary front moved north which was the weak portion of the storm. The purple hat you see is called occlusion, this one, in particular, is a cold occlusion cold air on the west side of the front, warm air on the east side.

Although you no longer see the circle intact you can see that the front is leaning back, this is called a negatively tilted trough and it indicates strengthening. On the colorful map, you can see a couple of black lines west of the front, on the NWS map, they appear as dotted lines those are called shortwave troughs. I will go more into that later if necessary but it is something to watch.

The precipitation that has picked up lately appears to be more associated with the departing weak front than the stronger front still in Arizona that is strengthening.

Also, just remember maps are simulated from data, the interpreters can be wrong. We will see what the 11 am map looks like, they should be out between 1 and 2pm.

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