Things Are Not Always As They Seem

Earlier today while I was playing surface map mayhem, and concentrating on the frontal passage, I didn’t spend enough time monitoring the satellite images or looking at the model forecasts for the jet stream. A couple of hours ago I noticed the flow had turned back to the southwest. The departing front left plenty of instability over the area as well in Arizona and Utah, small disturbances like to get caught up in the flow producing what I refer to as left-overs, I mentioned the shortwaves earlier and it looks like some of the maps still have some of those disturbances that are going to try to hitch a ride on the jet and bring us a little more snow in all areas before tomorrow, the jet flattens out after sunrise and the westerlies will kick and bring more snow to places like Telluride.

This all sounds good but nothing has really gone too well for elevations below 7,800 feet, so I would say don’t be surprised if you wake up to more snow, but if it doesn’t materialize I won’t be surprised either.

It looks like another wet warm system is going to try to come through mid to late next week. Hopefully, it won’t be as unpredictable as this one was!

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