Nice Boost At Purgatory

Although the storm didn’t produce as hoped at the lower and mid-elevations, the departing frontal passage and the leftovers made a huge impact at Purgatory.  Just south of Purgatory there was a little bump in accumulations and it looked like at least 2 feet fell (total).

Interesting to note that some of the early huge totals we saw in the modeling did happen, just not here. Arizona Snowbowl one of Purgatory’s sister resorts in Flagstaff, picked up 54″ with this storm.

Either way, we already have way more snow at Purgatory then last year at this time, it looked like mid-winter here with all of the activity at the base.

Two more storm chances over the next 8 days. I will be going into a little more depth each day this week. So stay tuned for that, no they don’t look like big storms but we just have to remember how early we are in the season, meteorological winter finally starts tomorrow.

By the way, remember me talking about storms “bombing out” yesterday? As the main low departed yesterday all of the ingredients came together on the plains. Here it is right now.

Screenshot 2019-11-30 at 1.18.47 PM.png

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