Downgraded Advisory Amounts

NWS downgraded the advisory amounts to 3-6″ above 8,500′. As I mentioned yesterday, I have tried to keep everyone’s expectations low on this storm, the storm is going to die soon the frontal boundary is starting to erode. WU did a great job finding the low pressure and front.


This is easily verified on GeoColor multi-spectral infrared satellite, I added the front and low on there.


Models are still indicating a frontal passage after 8 am, we’ll see. It could still get fast and furious for a while but there is very little moisture left for the low to tap into as it passes. Wolf Creek has been getting snow most of the night, but it has been off and on everywhere else, last I looked Purgatory had started snowing again and had 2-3 inches at 4 am.

If I had to place a bet on when the frontal passage will happen, it would be when I drop my car off at the dealership for service this morning, I will be leaving my house around 8:45 this morning if that helps anyone plan. I will try to do a wrap up this afternoon, and tomorrow we can start talking about the next storm late Sunday early Monday. Good or bad I will take any precipitation we can get in early December, it does not happen as often as you might think!

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