First Look At The Weekend

A complex set up will give us a shot of snow between Friday and Monday. At the moment the best chances look like it will affect most of the followers on Sunday morning. However, if you are traveling through the northern San Juans and the northern and central mountains travel could be affected on Friday and Saturday as well.

At the moment there is widespread disagreement with the models, and I am not ready to jump in with anyone of them. The upside accumulation potential still looks pretty low among the models for us in the south but a little better for Telluride, Red Mountain and Silverton.

I mentioned the complex set up earlier but it involves a pool of very cold and dry arctic air dropping into our area and moist subtropical air streaming in from the pacific. If the cold air is locked in place over our area before the moisture arrives it could turn into a good time. What often happens though is the cold air stalls around Ridgway to Gunnison, this is probably what is leading to the uncertainty in the models.

It may be Thursday before we get a better picture of what to expect this weekend.

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