NAM Hi-Res Brings Back Banding

So, this whole idea that I saw two days ago on the NAM model, that we also saw yesterday morning, is coming back into play as a weak low pressure passes to the south. I can’t promise it is going to happen, but it is showing snow picking up in the southern mid and lower elevations near sunset. Here is what the model is showing for 6-9 pm.

Screenshot 2019-12-15 at 3.09.04 PM.png

That is a short duration of moderate to heavy snow over low and mid-elevations


Here are the totals, mostly lower and mid-elevations that the latest high-resolution model run is showing.

Screenshot 2019-12-15 at 3.13.29 PM.png

We will see, this model has suggested things like this before in its afternoon model runs and it has not panned out. But this makes some sense to me.

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