Not So Fast

The first wave of the cold air has made it through, according to the surface maps. The last piece of energy is just heading into Utah.


The strongest portion of the jet has already passed to the south, models indicate most of the day we will be under SW flow then transition to westerly by this evening.

I expect light snow to continue but even with the first wave of colder air in place temperatures could become problematic below 7,200′ between 11 am-2 pm.

What happens with that NW Arizona low today will dictate our weather.

Hopefully, a fresh set of model runs will give us a better look. The overnight models were mixed with the GFS and Euro basically giving up on the energy this afternoon, while the high-resolution model keeps the energy south of Purgatory and sets up some light banding across the mid-elevations this afternoon producing a couple to a few more inches in those areas. I will do a couple of quick updates throughout the day, so check back.

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