Winter Returns In Four Days

The last five days the models have been pretty consistent bringing in a storm on Christmas Eve. What started as a prolonged period of snow has evolved into a storm on the 24th-25th. With another in the 27th-29th timeframe. Looking further out it appears after that we will have another week of unsettled weather which could affect travel around the New Year.

The following model runs show the combined totals from the two storms and the totals are through Sunday. The second storm should be colder so the ratios will be higher so you can imagine 25% higher totals than what the model shows. I also have excluded the Canadian model because it has been pretty crazy this week, showing double the amounts on average compared to the other models.

So we’ll start with the Euro.

Last night



Yesterday morning


GFS overnight


GFS yesterday evening. There is a little bullseye over Purgatory


Yesterday afternoon


Yesterday morning another bullseye


Next update Saturday, on Sunday I will breakdown the timing of the events so I can start addressing travel concerns for those of traveling on the 24th and 25th.

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