Christmas Storm Then Uncertainty

Thanks for your patience in me being late with this post. Two days ago my thumb lost the battle of human hand versus the mandolin slicer, so I have a huge bandage on my right thumb and my typing speed and accuracy are at about 50% below average. This is the second version of this post because said thumb bumped a button on my mouse that I have never used before. Apparently, its function is to highlight and delete an entire one of my posts after I spend a couple of hours writing it.

So here we go again.

The last 24 hours have shown continued support for the first storm starting on Tuesday and ending Wednesday or Thursday, after that there is uncertainty with the storm track for the second storm, therefore, I want to concentrate my efforts on the first storm.

The Euro, unfortunately, was showing less energy with the first storm and more energy with the second storm. So these first storm totals look a little weak. As you will see there are other models that are more ambitious with the first storm.

So here is the most recent run of the Euro.


Last nights Euro


Here is the most recent GFS


And here was last nights GFS


Thursday evening GFS


Thursday afternoon GFS


The Canadian model has been similar to the GFS with an extra day of snow Thursday to increase the totals.


The German Icon model sometimes catches my attention its runs have been even more similar to the GFS.


One of the problems with the Icon is that it does not properly handle Wolf Creek because of its resolution.

Tomorrow is a new day and I will share the new model runs and start talking about timing the storm’s arrival.

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  1. KT Howard

    Sorry to hear about your hand. Those mandolins scared the beejeesus out of me every time I use one! We will gladly suffer through your one-handed typing.

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