Wolf Creek Wins

Dozens of model runs showed light snow overnight with a band of heavier snow developing and heading east leaving those “bullseyes” over Wolf Creek as it departed. Everything was going according to plan with the light snow but then the heavy band of snow set up over Wolf Creek with deep southerly flow, it missed most of us to the east.

That is the problem with smaller storms if they don’t come right over you you can get missed. I will be anxious to see how deep it gets at Wolf Creek today, a couple of hours ago they were already at 14 inches and it is still dumping.

On to the next storm, Thursday & Friday it looks like we will have a favorable setup, slightly warmer and a lot more moisture, similar to what we were getting in December. The Euro has jumped into the deep end of the pool, while the GFS and Canadian have shown some restraint since yesterday’s model runs.

Speaking of the Euro here is its latest operational run.


Here is the German model


Here is the GFS


And last the Canadian model


So over a 24 hour period, the Euro has swapped places with the Canadian model as the outlier.

We still have a couple of days, but I like the trend and to the extent that it is ever possible, this storm appears that it will be more forecastable than the difficult storm cycle of NW Flow storms we have had so far in January.

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One thought on “Wolf Creek Wins

  1. Mike Deming

    I would suggest that Wolf Creek wins more often than not. I still think they end up with the best snow pack in Colorado unless records have changed. That change wouldn’t surprise me given the climate these days. You do great work. Follow all your info everyday. I do have a Davis weather recorder, but not online. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. HOPE WE GET REAL RADAR!


    Mike D

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