Tracking The Birthday Storm

I am going to ignore the flurries we might get tomorrow, it is really not worth talking about from what I have been seeing. If something changes overnight, I will be up early enough to correct the course.

For a few days, it looked like we would get a warm-up over the weekend, today I am not seeing that I am seeing temps similar to what we have been experiencing, I am keeping an eye on that, I was hoping for it so I could remove some ice in the shady areas of my back patio, we’ll see.

As I mentioned yesterday I am accustomed to getting snow on my Birthday (next Tuesday), it happens about 70% of the time since I moved here in 2008.

So here are the GFS, Euro and the crazy Canadian model for next week’s snow.

GFS showing 4-6″ for Telluride 6-8″ for Purg and a foot plus at Wolf Creek


Here is the Euro, it’s a little more balanced with 6-10″ for all of the resorts


And here is the Canadian, Oh Canada! Hopefully, this model is setting the trend for something big. I am not going to hold my breath at this point, but since I have something to concentrate on for the next few days I had to establish a baseline so we can compare the day to day model runs.


The models will probably have good and bad runs between now and then, but it looks like it will be our next best chance for more than a dusting.

As I said tomorrow looks pretty non-eventful if that changes I will post early, if not I will post around noon on Wednesday.

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