Next Week’s Storm

Before I jump ahead to next week, there is still a chance of some very light snow breaking out this afternoon over the passes and higher terrain, Wolf Creek could pick up a quick couple of inches. I don’t expect anything at the lower elevations.

Monday/Tuesday Storm

Overnight the models shifted the storm to Monday ending Tuesday, we will see, I would not be surprised if they slow it back down again. When you are 5-6 days out, models are usually too fast. Quite a rollercoaster with the GFS and Canadian but the Euro is pretty steady with what it is showing run to run.

So here are the best and worst runs since my last post yesterday.

GFS worst, this was the most recent run.


GFS best, last night


Canadian is on the biggest roller coaster, here was the worst run which is the most recent


Here was the “best” Canadian run from last night


Here was the Euros worst run which was last night


The most recent run of the Euro was its best


I should note here that these totals are based on a 10-1 snow to liquid ratio (SLR), at this time it looks like this will be a colder storm that would add to the totals by 20-50%.

Tomorrow I will not be able to post in the afternoon, but I will update in the morning with the evening and overnight model runs.

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