Monday Storm

There has been a lot of talk lately about the Monday after Superbowl and how that day has more people call in sick than any other day of the year. There apparently are even advertisers attempting to persuade the public to do it. Being self-employed, even if I had the Corona Virus or the Margarita Virus I would not call in sick to myself to get the day off.

Anyway, it is starting to look more and more like this system will come together, this storm is by no means a monster but it appears a few areas could get double-digit accumulations of snow.

Timing is still an issue, the GFS and Canadian have slowed down a bit, but so has the Euro. The Euro is about 6 hours slower than the other two waiting until the middle of the day Monday to early afternoon to bring in the snow.

The models look pretty good as a whole, this weekend I will start showing the liquid amounts and trying to determine the snow ratios. As I have said this storm looks like it will come in cold, then get colder after it leaves. It looks like that cold will stick around for a while and there may be a couple more chances of snow over the 10 days beginning 2/3 – 2/13.

So here are the morning model runs.

Here is the Canadian


Here is the GFS



Here is the Euro


I especially like the similarities between the Euro and the Canadian from this morning.

If you are attending Snowdown have a great time and please be safe, I am glad we were able to get some boring weather so people can get around and enjoy festivities this weekend!

I will update Saturday around noon.

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